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The Greatest Health Resource is…….Us.

The Greatest Health Resource is…….Us.

Posted on Monday, December 05, 2011 in Health News that You Can Use, Community
One of my goals in writing this blog is to get healthy people ready for they day that they or their loved one gets sick. Statistically this will be almost all of us. How can we be as ready as possible? Will we make the right steps in the beginning when it may matter most? Many of us have an emergency plan for a home fire, but how many of us have a plan for a serious health crisis?

So today’s blog will focus on an amazing tool that can save your life. It is my  hope that you will remember it when the proverbial, uh, stuff hits the fan. That resource is the online community. Patients, everywhere, who have experienced every illness and every treatment, met every doctor and can tell us all about it when we are making our choices.

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