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Why Chronic Cancer is Like a Day at the State Fair.....

Posted on Tuesday, April 02, 2013 in Esther's World

As some of you know, recently have been helping a friend who is dealing with a very serious cancer at a decision point in her treatment. And it has caused me to reflect on this journey of having chronic cancer. Before getting cancer, I pretty much thought that you either had it (chemo, baldness, tests, flowers and surgery) or you didn't (work, life, laundry, baseball and lasagna). But those extremes don't exist for me or my friend because our cancer is described as "chronic." That means that no one expects it to go away, we may get periods of respite between "episodes" but never expect it to be a past event. In short, like the Terminator, it just keeps coming. That is why people always ask me how long I have been in remission because I don't look like someone currently battling cancer. They think like I used to -- you're either in or out. 

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