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Something to Agree On.

Something to Agree On.

Posted on Saturday, August 25, 2012 in Awareness, About CancerDancer
As you know, CancerDancer calls Richmond, Va. home. As you also know this is a battleground state for the presidential election and a state that can elect either Democrats or Republicans depending upon the race, the date, the weather, etc. Accordingly, we are inundated with vitriolic ads and lively debate here in the Old Dominion.

CancerDancer is thankful that Governor Bob and First Lady Maureen McDonnell are opening the Governor’s Mansion to CancerDancer on September 10 to mark Ovarian Cancer Awareness month. I have tweeted the President and asked him to join us. Who knows, right? He lost his mother to ovarian cancer.

In doing so, it struck me  that this is an event that EVERYBODY can agree on. Cancer is not partisan, it does not lean left or right. It is tragic and we can all band together to support those that have it and seek a cure.

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