Ovarian Cancer, Research, Health and Wellness Links

Here are some  websites that we have found to be helpful.  If you have others to recommend, please let us know.

Clinical Trials:

National Cancer Institute  Clinical Trials Page Find a clinical trial.

National Institute of Health Clinical Trials Page Find a clinical trial.

The American Association of Cancer Research Instructions on finding a clinical trial and more links to help the search.

The CancerGuide This site provides descriptions of various clinical trial sites and how to access them with some European sites.

Centerwatch This site  tries to match patients with trials and includes a drug glossary.

SearchClinicalTrials.org This site searches multiple websites for clinical trials.

Cancer Generally:

American Cancer Society has lots and lots of information on all cancers.

Surveillance, Epidemiology and End Results (SEER) Program provides statistics and disease including cancer.

National Cancer Institute More than you ever wanted to know about cancer.

Association of Online Cancer Resources This website combines many other websites into a cancer community with information on various cancers, clinical trials, discussion boards, mailing lists and publications.

Livestrong Lance Armstrong fights cancer through tips on nutrition and exercise as well as support for cancer patients.

FuckCancer This website provides a great forum to vent your anger against cancer.  They also provide information about each type to aid in early detection.

LINC This organization provides support for cancer patients and their families by helping to navigate financial and insurance issues so that the patient can focus on job one: getting well.

Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian Cancer National Alliance Inspire (discussion groups, news, information, etc.)

Ovarian Cancer National Alliance homepage (A coalition of many OC advocate groups, information, links, news, events)

The Gilda Radner Familial Ovarian Cancer Registry provides lots of good information simply displayed.  You can register here as they are compiling data about Ovarian Cancer patients for research.

National Ovarian Cancer Coalition — An nationwide organization with information, merchandise, information, fundraisers and more.

Ovations for the Cure — raises money for research.   They also runs a blogging site called the Whisper Network.

Libby’s Hope – provides information on the latest on Ovarian cancer.  It reads a little like a magazine.

Tealtoes –  a non-profit that encourages supporters to paint their toes teal to begin discussions about ovarian cancer.  There is also helpful info on the site.  Fun!

TealDiva – a Charlotte based non-profit that raises money for local Ovarian Cancer awareness efforts.

HopeforHeather – a lovely Ovarian Cancer non-profit in New York State that honors the memory of Heather Weeks, a young dancer, by raising money and awareness.

Sunflower Sisters – Canadian ladies compiling information and support for the Ovarian Cancer community.

Hereditary Cancer

Facing our risk of Cancer Empowered (a website about Hereditary Cancer)


PubMed allows you to read abstracts of medical articles on all topics.

Discussion Boards.

Any of these links will take you to a discussion board where you can post questions, read about other people’s experiences or even tell a joke. Patients, caregivers, health care professionals, family members and friends post in these sites.


American Cancer Society



Association of Online Cancer Resources

Lifestyle and Wellness

The Antiogenesis Foundation — Dr. Li and his colleagues explore eating as a way to thwart cancer.

Run like a girl.  Races to raise money for gynecological cancers.

Cleaning for a reason .  This fine organization cleans houses for cancer patients.

Libra. Special clothing to make chemo easier.


Hospice Compassionate people to help in the most difficult time.

Insurance and Employment Advocacy

Patient Advocate Foundation.  A non-profit offering arbitration, mediation and other services.

Blogs we like:

She Used to Be Me. Phil muses and rages as he takes care of his mom. Lots of love and perspective.

Ovarian Cancer, Pass the Wine Now. Thanks, Sandy for your perspective and hard work. Sandy has written hundreds of entries over four years from the UK.

I’m Too Jazzed to Sleep. Ashley, from Dallas, is funny and refreshingly optimistic as she battles her third relapse.

Hope for Barbera.  A daughter’s journal of her mother’s fight. Wonderful to get the perspective of such a loving caregiver.

If Cancer were Easy, They’d Call it your Mom.  Perspective from a woman diagnosed at age 20, full of great quotes and song lyrics, too. Not only did she fight cancer but the loss of her boyfriend from the disease. Talk about strength.

A Single Cell.  Poignant writing from the point of view of a single woman. Being single brings its own issues to the table, like dating, when to reveal one’s medical history and loneliness.

See Emily Play. A straightforward journal with a healthy dose of running, yoga, rock and roll and adoption. What a wonderful journey to chronicle — the adoption process after a cancer diagnosis.

My Journey.  Glynis, a Canadian, battles with faith on her side, and a couple of cute grandkids.

The Carcinista. Sassy and powerful reports from cancer’s frontlines, including “These boots were made for kicking cancer’s ass.” Sarah just passed in May, 2011 and her husband is taking over blog duties.

Nobody has Ovarian Cancer.  Denise fights the fight as a BRCA positive survivor. She has lots of links to other blogs and ovarian cancer sites.

It is What It is… a Life Worth Living.  A mom, named Maggie, fights the good fight. Lots of good writing on the balance between living and treatment.

Diary of a Pharmgirl.  Pharmacist Kathy turned patient — she includes her current reading list!

Women of Teal.  Dee chronicles not only her journey, but lists her favorite blogs and cancer related events in her home of New Jersey.

Still Smiling.  Tracy in the UK battled both ovarian and cervical cancer simultaneously. Lots of fun pictures.

Positive Results.  These ladies wrote a book about hereditary cancer. Lots of video and audio here.

Cancer Emotions. Patsy lets you walk with her on her journey. She also includes helpful information she encounters on topics like Social Security and group retreats.

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