Researching On The Web

Uncovering Ovarian Cancer Info with Google

Your hunt for ovarian cancer information is critical. Some easy-to-use Google tools can add power to your search, deliver important information, and save you time. You control how you want the information delivered, through news searches, alerts, feed aggregation, even email.

News Searches

Google News – is a computer generated news site compiles stories from a large number of sources and groups similar stories. One handy feature lets you customize the page to prioritize the topics you care about most: ovarian cancer, cancer research, Avastin, Parp-inhibitors, etc.  Notice the link on the far right side to “Add a section”. Here you can select topic groups to add to your list, or create your own. You may need to create one if you are looking for something very specific, like a particular drug. To do this, first click on “Add a section” and then click on the “Create a Custom Section” button. Give your section a title and search terms. Fine tune these terms to get the articles you want. Save your Custom Section on your Google News page.

Resource: Google News - Adding Custom Sections


Google Alerts are a great way to get information delivered directly to your email. You pick search terms — just like a Google News search — then pick the Source Type (e.g. All, Only Blogs, Discussions, etc).  You set up the delivery time and filtering. Google Alerts have the advantage of covering more web territory than a news search, but you may get more undesired content, too.

Resources: Alert Help

RSS Reader

RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication” and it is a great way to put together a variety of information sources in one place. You may find yourself visiting dozens of sites each day to get all the information you need. RSS does that searching for you, and delivers it to one spot, sorted by topic. Google Reader is easy to use; Feedly gives it a clean, magazine look that is easy to read. Check pages you like for an RSS feed symbol (above) and add them to your reader. Once you have a reader installed, it will generally pop-up when you click the symbol. Follow the quick steps to add the site to your reader. (Alternatively, you can right-click, select ‘Copy Link,’ and paste it into your reader.) Most popular blog sites, like Blogger or WordPress, have this feature.

RSS readers let you combine different kinds of information into one page. Search requests from places like ate loaded directly into your reader, sparing you the need to check the page. You can also keep up with your favorite blogs, news, even a Craigslist watch. RSS readers make good home pages.

Advanced users, check your News searches and Alerts for RSS symbols; you can add these to your reader.

Resources:  Google Reader Tutorial

Good luck with your research! We’d love to hear what you learn.

Good luck with your research!

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