Did You Know?

22,000 =

number of women diagnosed each year with  ovarian cancer.

14,000 =

number of women who die of ovarian cancer each year

46 =

percent overall of women diagnosed who will survive 5 years

15 =

percent of women diagnosed while cancer is local

93 =

percent of these women who will survive at least 5 years

62 =

percent of women diagnosed after cancer has spread

27 =

percent of these women who will survive 5 years

63 =

average age at diagnosis

1 in 71 =

number of women who will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer in lifetime

There have been significant strides in treating many types of cancer, but no big breakthroughs with ovarian cancer, the 5th ranking cancer killer of women and the 9th most diagnosed. But do not panic, you can impact your outcome — you can do things to help put yourself in the survivors group. Use this website to educate yourself so that you can find the right doctor, and find the right treatment. Pay attention to your body and find a doctor that pays attention to you.

Statistical Resources

The Surveillance Epidemiology and End Results, known as SEER, a department of The National Cancer Institute, provides statistical data on cancer in the United States.  You can review very specific statistics about ovarian cancer at their website.  Their most recent data spans 2003 to 2007.

The American Cancer Society extrapolates data into the future and has predictive information as well.

The Ovarian Cancer National Alliance has integrated the same data with some helpful charts and graphs

These numbers highlight the importance of speaking out about ovarian cancer so that all women, young and old, are aware of the symptoms.  Have that conversation with your mother, your grandmother, your sisters and friends.  Let these numbers compel us to action for increased funding of research and awareness.

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