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Chiro for Cancer

  • Is chiropractic a good choice for all cancer patients?

No. Be aware that spinal manipulation might be a bad idea for certain cancer patients. For instance, metastatic disease in the spine, armor leg bones are clear red flags. X-rays are necessary to determine the precise location of these types of lesions. It is always best to seek the care of a chiropractor who is willing to communicate and work with your attending oncologist. Similarly, during chemo or radiation therapy, herbal or vitamin supplements may be ill-advised because of the need to maintain immune system suppression.

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Photo by Brandy Gill, CRDAMC PAO

The fundamentals of deciding where to have your mammogram. All mammograms are not alike. Informed patients need to consider several factors.

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Three Minutes Of Relaxation

Our friend, Angella Hamilton, of Tough Girl’s Guide to Cancer, made us this three minute video of Tai Chi. Please bookmark this page and return to it whenever you need a quick moment of centering and relaxation.

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Finding Mental Health Help that Really Helps!

Who isn’t affected by cancer?

Here’s the thing: finding a good therapist is not like finding a good furniture store. Finding a good therapist is more like finding a good band. What is good music to someone else may be noise to you, and vice versa.

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