The People Behind CancerDancer
Esther J. Windmueller
Founder and Board Member since 2010

I have known many women (and the people who love them) blindsided by ovarian cancer.  Had they known enough pertinent information, they could have been more empowered and aware before critical moments had passed. The most enjoyable part of working with CancerDancer is the feedback from those who say we have really, really helped them through some of the most difficult moments of their lives. Hearing this, keeps us going. 

A Richmond Virginia native, I enjoy all sports—with a special love for football and baseball. I am always engrossed in a book and have recently started to write a novel.  I watch little television, but have been sucked in by the particularly dysfunctional “Wife Swap”, and I have been known to dawdle time away on Pinterest. 

If I were to describe myself in three words, they would be: vibrant, empathetic, and open.  I am happiest when surrounded by nature, good design, and great art.  I am no stranger to the kitchen and enjoy the simplicity of having friends come by for dinner. 

Three things you will always find in my refrigerator:  Salad fixings, a dry Rose, and Kyle…

"We can matter—everyday, in ways big and small—to the people with whom we share this planet. Ovarian cancer symptoms should become common knowledge and I am determined to do my part to make that happen."

Christi O’Leary
Board Member since 2011

I have been a supporter of CancerDancer from the beginning.  This cause is so important to me because my life has been touched by cancer in many ways.  My father died of lung cancer a few years ago and my mother went through treatment for breast cancer.  I of course said yes, when Esther asked me to join CancerDancer as a board member. 

When I’m not fundraising for local Richmond races or belly dancing for the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance meetings, I enjoy traveling, riding my motorcycle, and practicing yoga. 

If I were to describe myself in three words, they would be: adventurous, accepting, and flexible.  I enjoy watching Mad Men, reading the New York Times, eating Fran’s Chocolates, and tooling around on my iPad. 

Three items always in my refrigerator:  Milk, orange juice, and wine (and mold…ugh!)

"The most enjoyable part of working with CancerDancer is the diversity of the board members. Their knowledge and determination both inspires and awes me."

Kyle Nicholas
Founder (2010)

My vision for CancerDancer is to celebrate the great lives of women around us, while working towards awareness, prevention, and a cure. This cause is important to me because I have been “in the room” through every phase of the disease. I lost my mother to ovarian cancer in September of 2009, and one week after her funeral, my partner Esther was diagnosed.

The most enjoyable part of my job at CancerDancer is listening to music, drinking beer, and making new friends (hardly sounds like a job, does it?). When I’m not bonding with our supporters, I am a writer, communications scholar, and teacher at Old Dominion University. I am an avid traveler, boogie-boarder, hiker, and fish taco sculptor.

If I were to describe myself in three words, they would be: inquisitive, loyal, and impertinent. I enjoy Film Noir and gritty detective novels.

Three things in my refrigerator: Stinky cheese, hot-hot salsa and smelly beer (anything else stinky is a mistake).

"I never wonder any more what life is all about. Living is sharing— celebrating with others, looking out for others. I’m so glad CancerDancer is a part of that."

Peyton T. Taylor, Jr. M.D.
Medical Advisor to CancerDancer, Professor Emeritus, Obstetrics and Gynecology (Gyn Oncology) and Internal Medicine (Global Health) University of Virginia

Born and raised in central Alabama. I received my undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Alabama and graduated from Medical School from the Medical College of Alabama (now University of Alabama School of Medicine). I received residency training in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Virginia and a Fellowship in General Surgical Oncology at the Surgery Branch, National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, Md and a Fellowship in Gynecologic Oncology at the University of Virginia. I have spent the bulk of my professional career on the faculty of the University of Virginia with an active practice in Gynencologic Oncology. Administratively I was active in the Cancer Center. For the last several years, I've become more involved in research/service work in Southwest Virginia and in rural Tanzania!

When I was not working, I could be found following the kid's sports in the early years; in later years, chasing the elusive Ruffed Grouse in the north woods (Northern Minnesota or Wisconsin),  flushing wily pheasant in So Dakota; and lately, cultivating stealth and deception by trying to trick small Brook Trout in the chilly mountain streams of the Blue Ridge to take a tiny artificial fly. In the summers, its sea kayaking – but not too far from shore!

"My entire professional career has been devoted to the care of women with gynecological malignancies with a focus on women with ovarian cancers. I am delighted to play a supportive role in CancerDancer! "

Kevin Cale
Board Member since 2013

Kevin became passionate about educating men about the symptoms of ovarian cancer after watching his wife battle the disease for two years before succumbing. After meeting Esther, Kyle, Christi and several other members of CancerDancer, he decided that this was an organization that he wanted to join to get the word out. So after 20 years of wearing Army green, he am now wearing teal. Cause we all know, REAL men look good in teal. Three things in his refrigerator: Cat food (for Abby the cat, not Kevin), TV dinners/pot pies for lunch at work, and hot dogs and hamburgers (nothing better then a dog or burger off the grill).

He is a big sports fan. Growing up outside of Detroit he would go to Tigers, Lions, Red Wings and Piston games. His daughters got him hooked on gymnastics, soccer and field hockey. Also a big fan of sailing and lacrosse and, when possible, he enjoys underwater basket weaving, time travel, American history, stamp collecting and genealogy.

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