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Appaiah Ballachanda, A Generous Man

In December of 2011, CancerDancer had its first Richmond event at Pescados (now Eat). I (Esther) knew most of the people there, and we had a wonderful time. One gentlemen came in, smiled shyly and sat down at a table by himself, ordered a meal and watched the CancerDancer family put down a fair number of kale mojitos. My mom introduced him as Appaiah Ballachada, her financial planner. Mr. Ballachanda wrote a check to CancerDancer and quietly made his way home.

Imagine my surprise when Mr. Ballachanda called me wanted to set up an event for CancerDancer. He had contacted friends at Malabar restaurant and we set up a meeting together to plan it. As sponsor of the event, he made a donation, again.

Malabar was packed with people, almost all of them invited by Appaiah. The success of that event was really the success of a generous and thoughtful man, Appaiah Ballachanda. So we honor him and thank him, our heart of a dancer.

Stephanie Johnson, Wreath-maker Extraordinaire

The latest heart of a dancer goes out to Stephanie Johnson. Stephanie works at the Chesterfield Commonwealth Attorney's office and when she heard that CancerDancer was looking for a big wreath to give away at our holiday party., She stepped right up and made a big, beautiful one.

Stephanie, CancerDancer thanks you and commends you for being a person who steps up to help others. Our collective hats are off to you. We are proud to have you as a supporter.

Adele Nighman
October 2012

This week CancerDancer would like to recognize Adele Nighman for her hard work on the event committee and her dedication in planning the upcoming Volleyball Extravaganza. Adele showed up last year the Mekong fundraiser with seventeen friends. When asked if she would serve on our event committee, she did not hesitate and has been giving it her all since then.


Making a difference in the world requires selflessness and willingness to work. Adele has copious quantities of both, and we are lucky to have her.

Thanks, Adele.

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